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Best Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac OS

Notepad++ is one among the foremost advanced and widespread code text editors for Windows OS. it's Syntax lightness, customizable interface, macro recording and regular expression search & replaces makes it an excellent text editor to figure with advanced text knowledge and documents. the most downside is that Notepad++ isn't on the market for the MacOS. thus rather than Notepad++ here, we recommend some best alternatives to Notepad++ for the MacOS that provides nearly same functionalities which can work on the MacOS.


Atom was created by the GitHub team. it had been created and engineered from scratch for on-line creation. the most important advantage atom has over alternative code editors is that's it's “Hackable to the core”. If it doesn’t do one thing that you simply wish it to try and do, you'll be able to amendment it. Atoms support the installation of packages, which individuals post all the time. putting in completely different packages will amendment however Atom works. Example – you'll be able to amendment linter, indicator position history manager, file icons, themes, etc. Atom will be emended and tweaked with hypertext mark-up language and JavaScript. thus there's no want of knowing sophisticated programming languages to customise it and create it your own.

Since Atom is open supply package it includes plenty of helpful additions. Example – Modal management, project management, GitHub conflict management, color show, and Highlighter for a few innovative language. because it is closely relating to GitHub, it's one among the simplest code editors on the market within the market.

If paying for a code editor isn't your factor, you'll be able to strive Adobe’s Brackets. it's one among the foremost viable alternatives to Notepad++ for MacOS. The Brackets editor includes an excellent feature referred to as Extract. This feature helps you to get font, gradient, color, and activity information from a PSD file mechanically, and switch it into clean CSS. This options main work is that it'll considerably scale back the time taken to show a PSD(Photoshop document) into a web site. There square measure new options and extensions for the brackets software package emotional each few weeks, and therefore this makes Brackets a perpetually evolving software package. Some recent options and extensions embody the addition of instant search, text folding, CSS hints, etc.

There square measure plenty of extensions which can more increase the practicality of Brackets. options like bum integration, machine information, code folding, JSHint support, and plenty of themes to form you match brackets together with your computer’s theme and visuals. you'll be able to set it up but you would like.

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